Our Mission

Attuning’s mission is to support today’s leaders to adjust and thrive in the 21st century complex environments.  Our clients understand that they must transform their marketing and sales capabilities in order to be able to spot and embrace new opportunities fast, and to adapt to their customers’ needs. They know how important it is to develop agile and adaptive organizations in response to complex, and evolving business challenges.  We are attuning leaders to help them and their organizations thrive.

We offer single and multi-day workshops that support assessment of your challenge and of your team’s readiness to deal with complex challenges; we support you to connect vision with pragmatic action and to measure results, and we help your organization build marketing and sales capabilities to increase revenue and team performance.


Who We Are

We are a team of well-trained professionals with expertise in both the academic and practice arenas. Our backgrounds cover business strategy, psychology, adaptive leadership, cultural anthropology, archetypal games, branding and neuroscience research. We have extensive international consulting experience. As practitioners, we “attune” organizations and leaders to move beyond technical challenges and to address adaptive challenges to create resilient businesses and organizations.

We bring a fresh approach based on adaptive change and leadership research to our three practices: Executive Education, Consulting, and Coaching. Our work supports 21st century leaders to compete better, grow their organization, redirect culture through new narratives and employees’ engagement, revitalize brands, and help their consumers, stakeholders, and constituents live meaningful and successful lives.

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Our Work

Through well-structured attuning processes, we guide our clients to look beyond the surface, to correctly diagnose internal imbalances correctly and to face the unknown with innovative strategies that engage in positive ways.  We help clients become aware of challenges, discover solutions, and transform into powerful leaders who run exceptional organizations.

We have created a unique, proprietary, customized technology based on blended experiences and disciplines like psychology, leadership development, cultural anthropology, innovation, organizational development, story telling, qualitative research, strategic facilitation, gaming, and executive coaching.

As a result, our clients adapt to diverse cultural, economic, and rapid-changing market circumstances; they create and share a vision that energizes and empowers people, they build an inclusive, collaborative, more authentic and inspiring culture based on trust, and lead powerfully and flexibly during difficult times.