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Attuning: Practices To Get Clients to “YES” And To Remove the “NOs” To Creativity

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Here are a few creative processes that help to guide clients to generate new ideas for brands; help to attune stakeholders to new initiatives and vision for their corporation, and help to get clients to more positive states of mind and deeper enjoyment of their work!


  1. Be positive and optimistic
  2. Use your imagination
  3. Wish, dream, risk, dare
  4. Defer judgment
  5. Listen for the provocative
  6. Build on ideas
  7. Credit others
  8. Create climate of support
  9. Offer ideas in headlines
  10. Divergent and convergent thinking
  11. Equalize participation
  12. Use the six senses, 5 plus intuition
  13. Spontaneity, go with the flow
  14. Synchronicity, serendipity
  15. Metaphors, analogies, archetypes
  16. Think from “other worlds”
  17. Use pads: write down ideas, doodle
  18. Spirit of play, humor, puns
  19. Be open to a-ha’s

Removing the NO’s:

  1. Negatives, nay-saying, put-downs
  2. Cynicism
  3. Judging an idea too early
  4. Domination
  5. Filibustering
  6. “Yes-buts”
  7. Distancing body language
  8. Falling in love with one idea, i.e., your own
  9. Pulling rank
  10. Asking questions that mask ideas or disguise the put-downs

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Hi, I'm Ligia, business strategist and co-founder at I am interested in the concept of teaching through games and play. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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