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Finding The Blind Spots!

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We work with gifted and brave people who are depleted by constant work, by fear of not losing what they have, by constant lack of time, and by not being able to replenish. Deep inside there is profound anger—“is this all there is to life?”

Leadership is the quality of seeing what others do not see, and the ability to engage others in a higher possibility. How do you educate someone in that?

We work with groups where we see antagonistic patterns of interaction because everyone is exhausted and feels that they are not seen. We are able to move people from this space to a more authentic interaction using business games, storytelling, deep listening, appreciative inquiry and other innovative means. When we show teams what is possible, they lighten up and embrace new possibilities fully because they really want to live meaningfully! What is possible for you and your team?

Supporting leaders to see where their own triggers and blind spots are, how to find their higher vision, and how to find the courage to embrace it may be what is needed to spark the fire of leadership. In our experience, guiding people to create their own stories of possibilities, and helping them to listen to others deeply, turned out to be some of the best “education” in leadership.

Mostly, people “un-learn” a lot of the old ways, and get rid of the inner obstacles to their own greatness.

If the same situation arises at work, or in your life, simply changing the city you live in, or your job will not be enough. A change of patterns, of your way of engaging with others might be necessary. Have you noticed that technical fixes take one only so far?

We support teams to look beyond the immediate technical fixes and to seek an adaptive leadership model.  Attuning means finding an adaptive solution, diagnosing a situation correctly, coming to a solution from a deep understanding of a situation and with new ways of engaging.

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Hi, I'm Ligia, business strategist and co-founder at I am interested in the concept of teaching through games and play. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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