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How Changing the “Story” Can Increase Happiness At Work!

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Some of the greatest successes we have experienced at the individual and team level happened when the participants were willing, collectively, to change their story and the way they interacted with life and with each other.

Chip Conely, founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and author of the New York Times bestselling, EMOTIONAL EQUATIONS, talks about the loneliness or even fear that even the highest ranked executives can experience at work. He talks about specific ways you can choose to increase happiness at work!

All the great team work that you do at your company, all the strategy and the great results cannot bear fruit for you, unless you learn to understand “Your Story.” By learning new ways to stop yourself before you re-act, by listening deeply for your own triggers and filters, by asking different questions and learning to see with fresh eyes you can change your old story with a new story of success.

The first step is to bring awareness to every action you take, so that you choose how to respond in any situation that requires inner leadership. As Chip Conley says: “you can insert a pause” between routine thoughts and your “new” actions. A few examples below. Please click here:  NewThoughtPractice

What is your Story?


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