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How do you know for sure that “you know”?

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Otto Scharmer (Theory U—Leading From the Future) says:

To discover the knowledge that allows you to create the reality you want, you must trust our own senses, experiences and insights—without having a clue as to where that journey will lead next.

As creators– and we are creators whether we lead or follow– we deal with many fears and doubts. How can we know for sure what we know? And how can we find out what we do not know? Even as we have a lot of experience, and even as we continue to learn, how can we be sure that our knowledge will help in a particular situation? Otto Scharmer has interviewed thought leaders, some of whom have developed the field of organizational development and systems thinking, and asked the this question

I know that I know when my knowledge is actionable—that is when I can produce it– Chris Argyris

I know that I know when my knowledge is helpful to the various clients and practitioners in the field –Ed Schein

I know that I know when I develop the capacity to create the results that I really care about—when what you know allow you to create –Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline

How do you know for sure what you “know”?


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