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Leadership starts with YOU! Q & As With Our Community

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Leadership starts with YOU! Questions and Answers with our community!

Question: I’m an RN and sometimes charge nurse. That means making all decisions on the floor. Which patients go to what room and which nurses are assigned to which patients. Any issues that come up between patients/nurses/doctors I have to take care of. I hate it!! I like to be in the back ground.

Attuning: Hi there! If you are up for a little experiment to help with your leadership journey, here’s what we suggest:

Bring a large whiteboard in the nurses’ room (or in a place where nurses have access to). Write down the following TITLE on the board “An Invitation to Contribute— What Can I Contribute to Make OUR work better TODAY?” and ask people to write something daily, IF they feel inspired. Anonymously. Leave some color pens around to write on the board. Start by writing your own contribution first: “I will be listening carefully with the intention of understanding deeply.” Open that space safely to all the other nurses working under you. Invite them to write down their observations, and contributions. Have no expectations.

Don’t ask again, and make no comments before the week is over. Hear without fear or judgment. Allow even annoying or irritating comments on the board. Leave that board in there for a week. Invite your colleagues into the creative process of doing everything together, more efficiently on the floor, and let go of expectations or fear for just ONE WEEK.

If you decide to go ahead with this, remember that for “doers” a lot of their identity depends on “doing all the time”. It will be hard to step back a bit. But if you do, others will step IN. We are asking you to stop doing so much and allow the process of listening to take care of a part of your burden. The process of listening deeply and engaging others helps everybody. And it makes you a more flexible, and attuned leader. Let us know how it goes!

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