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Storytelling: Thursdays’ Attuning Circles at the Humanist Hub

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Every little story we tell has a meta-story, a complex narrative that includes more than the mere facts of the story we are telling– —it shows our filters for the world and what we choose to focus on—it shows our beliefs, what triggers us, and how often—it helps us see the ingredients of our personal “story.”

We may think that we are hard to read, we may even be a mystery to ourselves at times, but our stories show how predictable our choices are. If we write down the major stories of our life– who we married, how we do at work, what bothers us and what we constantly struggle with– we may see an underlying pattern. “Living the story in a different setting” as some suggest as an alternative to changing their story, attracts the same patterns, just in a different setting.

This is the work we do every Thursday at the Humanist Hub. We tell stories and we listen to other people’s stories and we know that we all go through the same things.  We look at one’s story not as a separate, unique story out of context, but as a story within a story (family, society). We look at the subtle and overt signals we receive from family or the collective and we learn how we have constructed our own story. We recreate our story so that we can live a truer and much better life in the now.


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