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Curate your life!

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Everything is curated for us. There is little time to make choices, and external curation gives us a sense of power of choice.  Yes, we do make the choices that are chosen for us: the work that the boss wants us to get done; the items in the store, strategically placed on shelves at the eye level; books and movies that are suggested based on “preferences”; cookies and ads of online stores we briefly visited; all the “do this” if you “expect “that” to happen. Except that it rarely does.

If you are not where you wanted to be, or where you expected to be, should you not be the curator of your own life? It starts with a few explorations, with re-learning what you truly are about, and with honoring your own choices. Who knows? You might be the best designer of your life, after all!

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Hi, I'm Ligia, business strategist and co-founder at I am interested in the concept of teaching through games and play. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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