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The Art Of Letting Go!

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art of letting go


May 7th, Saturday, 11am-2pm

The Art of Letting Go!

Have you noticed that every major event calls for a ritual that has storytelling at its core (marriage, birth, death, rite of passage, etc) yet in our modern, hectic and complex lives we go through transitions alone, without a tribe or a community to hold us tightly, without creating sacred space where we acknowledge and release that which is old and which does not serve us anymore?

Coaching many clients, we have noticed that nothing new ever develops until we have dealt with the old.  In this workshop we use storytelling, psychodrama, drawing, improvisation, drumming, dream interpretations and mind mapping to enact specific release rituals that open the mind and the heart, that strengthen the bonds with family, community and our own spirit.

You will come out of this workshop lighter, stronger, more creatively energized and ready to birth your heart’s desire. We use drumming, mind mapping, drawing, psychodrama and storytelling. Join us!

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Hi, I'm Ligia, business strategist and co-founder at I am interested in the concept of teaching through games and play. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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