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Attuning Blog May 16

The Art of Letting Go is a ritual in itself where the participants bring old and new identities or “selves,” to the workshop, learn how to transition by embodying emotions relevant to the old and the new situation, and by releasing them. We use creative means such as storytelling, psychodrama, enacting archetypes, drawing and mind maps.  This process is helpful to the individual, as it is to teams who are changing.

Here is an example:

Mary gets a new job. The old job became boring, but it had its perks and was easy. Mary was very good at the old job, and people looked up to her.  She enjoyed that part very much. Yet for a long time she wondered about her ability to take risks, and to grow professionally.

Is this all I can expect from my work now?” she wondered often.

Finally she went through a challenging period while finding something she enjoyed, interviewing and finally, getting a better job with more visibility and more money.

Initially, she loved it.

But soon, she become concerned with the lack of support she got from her new team and from her boss, and with nothing familiar to cling on to, with little time for her family, Mary started fearing that she would be unable to succeed in her new position, In the new company she had no one to help her get perspective, or with whom to share her concerns and fears.

The more Mary felt the pressure from the present job, the more she clung to the old familiar, to the point that she started daydreaming about her old old job, wanting it back.

Constantly oscillating between the old and the new situation at work, she did not understand why she was so unhappy.

First, using storytelling and archetypes, we helped Mary clarify her emotions related to the roles she fulfilled in her previous job. Then, she learned to embrace possibilities for the new self at work, so that she could bring her courageous SELF at work.

She started to feel relieved and more joyful.

As we did so, we created a space where Mary could safely embody and acknowledge parts of herself, and then choose, consciously, what she wanted to let go of. It was a poignant and mindful process that surprised the participants. We heard comments such as: “Oh, I did not realize that I fear so much what others think of me”, “I was not aware that I felt this way”, or “I did not know that I actually loved to manage and coach people..”

As we honored what has worked well in the past for Mary, but might not work so well in her new situation, she chose to let go of it. She found “safety” in other gifts that she knew she could develop.

As we all go through transitions (career, family, moving, starting over, launching a business, etc), fast, without time for reflection and without tools for clarity, we may constantly react to old triggers, and we may continue to suffer without understanding why (“why is this always happening to me?”).  This is not necessary.

Just a few minutes a day may help to acknowledge where we are emotionally and where we want to go. Even with a busy work and family life, we can offer ourselves a few minutes of personal space to help prepare to face challenges better, from a place of strength, calm and integrity!

If you are interested in attuning to changes in your life, let us know if we can help.

ligia at attuning dot org

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