Attuning– Celebrate Love!

This offer expired on February 29th, 2015.   But we have so much that we offer.  Let us know how we can help you!

Every month we do something to celebrate the sweetness of life.  In February, our gift was 50% off all individual coaching sessions (in person and on Skype). In March and April we offer FREE Monday clinics to support clients to integrate change and chaos into a beautiful and coherent personal story that satisfies and gives joy.  Bring your questions and stories into the Attuning community!


Because we love to see that our clients succeed, that they find meaning and juicy possibilities. We know that by helping even one person be happier we unleash a whole lot of goodness into the world.  We invite you to care for yourself first, so that you can offer your extraordinary gifts to your loved ones, to your friends and to your co-workers!