Authentic Work and Money Stories

Dr. Buzan with a group storytellers crafting possible futures.

Dr. Buzan  and Dr. Gregory with a group storytellers  who are crafting possible futures.

AUTHENTIC WORK AND MONEY: Stories that Redefine Who We Are!


The stories we tell ourselves (and others) about work are part of our identity.  We may not even be aware of the story we tell consistently or of the language we use to describe ourselves. We ask each other: “what do you do for work?” and not “what is your gift to the world?” Work pays, we assume, while “gifts” may not be easily monetized. Or so the story goes…

What is the STORY that you are telling yourself about work and about your ability to MAKE and KEEP  money? What are the PATTERNS that you have enacted, again and again in your personal and professional life? If you are part of an organization, how does your STORY fit in with the the story of the organization?

In this workshop we use storytelling, appreciative inquiry, archetypal games and psychodrama to learn to recognize where STORIES COLLIDE, to shed old stories and to create authentic work and wealth.  Through games, improvisation and storytelling we focus on dispelling myths about survival, and about money.  We learn to create new structures for authentic work, and for the rightful flow of abundance.

In this 4-hour workshop we investigate and learn to release old stories about SELF and WORK as we create new, truer and more beautiful possibilities: the stories we tell ourselves could become portals to great wealth and success. We support you to adopt mental models that encourage living in abundance, and offering great service.


You learn how to shed your old “skin,” and how to dissolve the stuck places by thinking, moving and acting with awareness and creativity.  You can expect to:

  • Shift from survival mode (overwhelmed and disappointed) to energetic and powerful, in love with your life
  • Create a better “story” and pattern about the “right” work, and about how much money you deserve
  • Create an ENGAGING STORY for your organization, a story that fires up minds and hearts and that SELLS your messsage
  • Learn how to engage deeper with YOUR OWN authentic work by removing mental and emotional obstacles

You leave with a practice for the next 30 days.  When we change the “story” and when we create new patterns of thought and action, the Universe takes notice. Coincidences and synchronicity abounds and doors open.


The ATTUNING team developed a three step methodology to support participants to acknowledge, release old beliefs and embody new ways of being.

  1. Awareness: You learn to uncover hidden yet deeply held beliefs that determined your choices
    • What is my Story about Money?
    • What kind of Work do I choose consistently and WHY?
    • What is the “covenant” I made with myself to keep my job, even when it is not work I love?
    • How and when do I take risks? What is my Story about my “gifts” and about how much I am worth?
    • How can I develop work that I love deeply?
  1. Discovery of NEW Possible Patterns: Once we see and understand old patterns, it gets possible to develop new structures to help us attract a new type of life, and a happier story/in flow-when -at -work story
    • What patterns do I enact or repeat consistently despite my desire to be happy?
    • What are my blind spots with money?
    • What are my mental models about WORK?
    • How can I bring my GIFTS/ TRUE SELF at work?
  1. Alchemical Transformation: Now we can detach from the narratives of fear and distress that do not serve us anymore. With new awareness, and with support, we create the new story of the hearts ‘desire:
    • What are the elements of my new Story of being fulfilled in my work?
    • What simple tools can I use to stop re-enacting old patterns?
    • How can I live from a higher place so that I can do more authentic work that is valued and appreciated?


You consciously create your “best work/career” story; you learn to let go of mental models that obstruct your dreams; and you get tools to develop new patterns that support your living in abundance.  In this workshop you learn to detach from your old dynamics, and to understand yourself and your choices better. You discover what the heart truly wants, how to take stock of turbulent emotions, how to recognize a true opportunity, and how to embrace it courageously.

Join in a fun atmosphere of great support. We balance exploration work with reflection, psychodrama and archetypal games to help give voice to your gifts!


“I truly enjoyed being a participant in the experience that you created and hosted recently. The synchronicity of the stories, learnings and revelations was truly magical. What a joyful, wonderful program you e built. Thank you for all you do to help us peer into our deepest selves.”

“I disliked myself intensely and sure enough, most people did, too. Or that was my story, anyway.  In this workshop I “peeled” layers and layers off my story (about myself and my life), and learned how to soften my defenses and even embrace my criticism.  It was an incredible journey, and now I catch myself closer and closer to the “center” and it is OK not to be perfect. Prepare yourself to shed a few tears, and to open your heart. ”

“You create an environment that is rare, and accepting, and enlightening, and delightfully educational, and comforting, and lighthearted, and love filled, in this stressed and disconnected world of ours. Thank you!!   You recognize these human needs from a place of deep understanding. It was a privilege to share this practice with you”   Julie C.

“Thank you! The work we have done was pure magic. I have landed a deal, I feel more in tune with myself, I enjoy life, finally, am the “captain of my ship” again. Your touch is sensitive yet pragmatic and allowed me to get in touch with the rhythm of my life. Thank you. I want to tell everybody about you!!!” Christian W.

“I had an extraordinary experience of transformation working with you! Gentle, you have helped open doors to manifesting wealth, and accelerating synchronicity such as meeting the right person just at the right time. High quality magic! Thank you!”  Mary P.

“I have been so stuck for so long and you and your workshop REALLY helped me to shake loose! I feel so good about making a move toward letting go and moving on…thank you! I AM FEARLESS AND FLEXIBLE!” Debra C.


Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Creative Officer | Ligia’s focus is on understanding how to attune today’s leaders to look beneath the surface of life and business challenges and to understand the magic of change. Ligia uses storytelling and gaming to provide organizations with the adaptive skills, and breakthrough strategies they need to thrive and grow in the competitive markets of the 21st century. She loves to play!

This workshop is part of a story telling based Leadership Series offered from January through April, 2015:

  1. Money and Authentic Work: Stories that Redefine Who We Are! 10am-2pm
  2. The Magic of the Story for Businesses: Get your Tribe to Fall in Love With Your Brand! 10am-4pm
  3. Love Story: Are you a Lover, Nurturer or Rebel Archetype? 10am-2pm
  4. The Alchemy of Courage: Transforming Life and Work! 10am-2pm


ONLINE COACHING PROGRAM: Change your Story. Change Your Life 
6 weeks

As you are starting 2015, your dreams and successes are waiting to be called by their name, eager to materialize. If you are willing to start living your highest possibility and getting rid of exhaustion and disappointment, come and practice with us in the next 6 weeks. We offer high level coaching with

  • Tools based on the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, leadership and coaching to help you overcome inner resistance to being the best you can be
  • Supportive community and feedback to move you into action
  • Individual Coaching

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