As methodology, Attuning is all about making small corrections to your navigational system, seeing where the clues point and learning to make subtle, yet consistent improvements that do not stir huge resistance. To get the best results, we show you how to relax at every step, instead of fighting change!

In addition to private coaching,  in May and June 2016, we offer these new ways to learn about yourself, to improve your life and be happier:

  • ONLINE PROGRAM:  June 6 -June 27 “You & Your Friends: Manifest Your Best Life!”  SIGN up before May 21st to enjoy your discount! Want a co-adventure with a few of your real-world and/or sincere online friends? It begins with a brilliantly structured and guided training, a month long, to release, let go, discover, create your heart’s desire and embody happiness. You can then be responsible for invigorating a continuing future of next-created excitements among your closest friendships, your peeps, your families, your teams, your networks and broader relationships! Easy access online on your phone.
  • Powerful MINI COACHING sessions (20 Minutes) “ONE QUESTION!”  These intensive, 20 minutes long, and powerful sessions help you get clarity on any one particular issue you are grappling with, get tools to resolve it and best of all, get perspective.  With renewed clarity, in a short amount of time, you can focus your energy on being productive and energized during the day. We are offering mini coaching sessions ONLY until the end of June, 2016.

Our clients improve their business performance, they become lighter and healthier and more joyful; more creative; they become stronger examples for their kids; they enjoy romancing their spouses and start loving themselves more.  And they continue to deepen their leadership rituals and to honor the sacred space that they have created for themselves. Life is richer now, and they see that they have more control over their feelings and over their actions. Their Hero’s Journey just got better. Please see our OUR WORKSHOPS.

Our methodology helps our clients reflect on their life and leadership style, offers new tools to diagnose the problems and helps to inspire a powerful vision that mobilizes resources for change. We have created a customized technology based on blended experiences and disciplines like psychology, executive coaching, leadership development, cultural anthropology, organizational development, neurosciences, qualitative research, strategic facilitation, and gaming. Our clients are immersed into a creative coaching environment customized for them, yet benefiting from the experience of hundreds of stories and human experiences.

Our process works because:

  • Our techniques are gentle, organic, and integral to who you are, and the themes you want to develop in your life
  • We’re hands-on and practical — we use storytelling and archetypes, story boards, color, role play and customized games to help clients identify a step- by- step growth path
  • We design processes that are fun and effective in creating positive emotional states that help overcome routines, ruts, and obstacles.

QUESTIONS?  ligia at attuning dot org