CSI Coaching Description

 “My Life: A Crime Scene—Reading the Clues!”

Welcome to a different sort of leadership coaching! We call it attuning!

IN THIS WORKSHOP  you learn how to be more powerful, how to be more inspiring, and how to  grasp the joy, satisfaction and abundance that come with purpose, the right career path, a happy relationship, and healthy abundance. Your detective skills help improve your life AND that of 50 other people.

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Games have fun elements built-in and create positive emotional states even as they simulate difficult situations with many obstacles to overcome.  In this program, you and “your partner” are detectives assigned to a crime scene. Good detectives know how to build their story using clues, and they know how to extract the story from witnesses. We give you the tools to brush on your detective skills so that you can discover the perps who steal your happiness.

As a “detective,” you are not alone during the investigation. The entire group works with you and supports you with real-time feedback, listening and inspiration. You learn how to hone your observation and deduction skills as they apply to you and to those around you; you learn cognitive feedback practices, and you use coaching tools that help you improve your life tremendously.


Here’s how the workshop is structured:

Arriving At The Crime Scene
You learn how to use coaching tools to make subtle, yet important changes in your daily life. You locate an area of difficulty in your life and you build a “crime scene”  around it. You work with an assigned partner and learn from their stories as well. In this program you practice seeing the big picture, you connect with great people, and you enhance your power and presence in the world. In the process of coaching you learn how to regain your joy, your energy, your love, and your abundance; you learn how to attune to stress and difficult changes in your life so that you re-emerge stronger.

Gathering the evidence
The things and people around us tell a story if we only pay attention. There are clues everywhere if we learn to read them: that closet full of clothes a size too small; the actions of our friends or co-workers; the food on the bottom shelf in the fridge; the way we hold our bodies; our sleep patterns; our relationships with lovers, and family. etc.  We bring in expert witness guests who help us understand the clues we gather, and who give us tips to recognize how we sabotage our own success.

Documenting the story and interviewing witnesses
Together with your partner you investigate blind spots in your life, you take photos before the workshop, and create a storyboard to help you to re-create the “story”. You apply your analytical skills to detecting important clues about your and your partner’s “crime scene”;  you start investigating and dialoguing with people in your life and with parts of yourself that you may want to understand better.


Reading the clues and building the story
With the group, we re-enact certain parts of the story, interview “witnesses” and learn from feedback.  We bring in expert witnesses. We use storytelling and psychodrama, as well as real life interviews with people in your life.

Working with Mis-Takes: Recovering from false clues and the misreading of people. You are learning ways to engage people in your life and to re-frame your stories. Who lies to you, and how? You retrace your steps and you re-frame the story. Learn from everyone’s story and mistakes.

The Resolution:  When the Good Guys Win!! Integrate what you have learned. Create a story board with the NEW possibility. Get feedback from your partner and your team. Practice new tips for healthy joyful living. At the end of the program you come out re-energized by the connections, by the learning and the continuous practice of a healthier, more authentic and delightful way of living.

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JoJo Salami:  “Reading the signs of your body: tips for body health and regeneration!”

In a long and brilliant career, Jojo has done extraordinary work with athletes, dancers, actors and people from all over the spectrum in the entire world who need recovery from accidents, chronic pain, repetitive and emotional stress. JoJo’s abilities to read the body and restore health make him a high level health magician. Many a client was able to walk off the table, re-energized with full capacities where they crawled in in pain and debilitated by lack of hope. When he is not in Hawaii, Italy, or California, JoJo works in his private practices in Brookline.



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