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Adaptive Leadership Certificate Program

The Adaptive Leadership Certificate Program is designed for managers interested in leading change in their organization; for CEOs and C-Suite executives who are called to moving their companies into the 21 century; for entrepreneurs interested in growing strong teams, and in learning how to pivot in ever changing market situations. It’s also designed for leaders in higher education, healthcare, the arts and NGOs interested in learning how to lead their organizations into the 21st century.

THE PARTICIPANTS who enroll in our Adaptive Leadership Program are:

  • Strategists and change agents who are interested in becoming effective and recognized leaders.
  • Business managers, HR managers and executives in global corporations who must attune to many cultural perspectives, values, and beliefs and who must understand human behavior to be more effective leaders for more effective organizations
  • Entrepreneurs open to more practice in leading teams who want to stay agile and attuned to what their growing companies need to thrive
  • International CEOs and executives who want to build powerful leading capabilities beyond the change management models. These executives want to think differently in order to be highly competitive in the global economy
  • College graduates who wish to better understand their own gifts and what they want to create in their lives, to help them integrate seamlessly with their new teams, to learn to communicate to be heard, to learn to listen, to be patients during change, and to learn to develop a vision

WHY choose our Adaptive Leadership Program? Here are SIX reasons to enroll now:

  1. Leadership Coaching Opportunity– Trains the busy, working participant to be a powerful 21st century leader, using a blend of education and coaching methodologies
  2. Top Faculty– Facilitated by international leadership experts who the offer latest research as well as coaching on relevant topics for the participants
  3. Helps Build Relationships– Participants network with and learn from other executives, thus not only stimulating more innovative thinking, but also creating lasting relationships
  4. Easy to Access from the Computer– Online and asynchronous (no set time to be online), allowing participants to work when their schedule permits
  5. Personal –Faculty support the participants every step of the way helping them develop their personal leadership practice
  6. It works–It’s affordable, effective and takes only 6 months to complete
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Specialized Adaptive Leadership Certificate

Available in the following areas: Adaptive Leadership, Global Adaptive Leadership, Women in Leadership and Brand Leadership. Cost $2, 000 per specialization

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