Educational Approach

Our approach to education goes beyond the traditional model of the passive learner in the classroom. We ask students to be active participants in their education; for students to bring their life experience to the learning roundtable; and to apply your learning immediately to practice.   Our distributed model of leadership training means that you can log online depending on your schedule and time zone (asynchronously).   Submission of assignments follow an Eastern Time period.  This means that whether you have an hour at work or prefer to participate after work, you are able to do so without missing a beat.   Our faculty are available to guide you throughout the process and have a 24  hour response period to any e-mails.

Our Faculty

Our faculty are both academics and practitioners in 21st century leadership.  They have received their training at top world institutions and are eager to share their insight and expertise with you.  And they are eager to learn from you.  These thought leaders invite you to bring your own experience to the table so that everybody learns from your own change management work.

Consider this a learning buffet where you can engage with learning from faculty who have graduated from top institutions across the United States’ and the world (MIT, Harvard University, Boston University, Claremont College, New York University, Oxford University). We utilize the latest online technology to guide you through your own learning and to provide support throughout each module.

How Much Time Is Required Weekly?

Each week you will be asked to read a short required material (most of the materials are uploaded for you)  participate in a discussion, and provide a submission for the instructor to  review.  These submissions may be a journal entry, or a contribution to a strategic game or a business case collaborative.  Participants should consider putting aside 10 hours per week to participate in this program.  You are invited to bring issues from life and work to which you apply new methodologies and perspectives. We encourage participants to purchase an “E-reader” to readily download required texts.

Partnerships with Leading Universities

Our faculty have studied and or have affiliations with leading universities in the world including Harvard University, MIT, Oxford University, Boston University, Cambridge University, and New York University.

Optional Residency

For those interested in a specialized certificate, an optional three-day residency is held at the completion of the general certificate program that allows for hands-on work with your faculty. The residency is held at the Harvard Club in Boston, MA. Accommodations are available in the area. Time is provided to visit Boston historic sites and to do project completion. Breakfast and lunch are included. Additional weekend workshops are available internationally with dates to be announced. Please contact us concerning availability and pricing.

Payment and Withdrawal Policy

Payment is due in full for the general certificate course prior to the start date.  Payment for the specialization course is made upon the successful completion of the General Certificate program.  Participants who withdraw within the first week of the first course are entitled to a 50% refund of their total tuition deposit.   Particpants who are unable to complete the certificate within the year offered, have up to one extra year to complete the program (up to the next course cycle).

We work with your institution or organization for tuition reimbursement.   We offer a very competitive price to encourage participation.

Ongoing Support

Please keep in touch with us and share your story of how your exercising of leadership is making change. We maintain a list of Ambassadors around the world to help establish “board of director” models for ongoing support and learning. If you are interested, please let us know.


Please contact us at AdaptiveLeadership@attuning.org or at (617) 515-5625 for any questions that you may have.

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