Module 1

Adaptive Leadership for a New World: 21st century Leaders and Followers | Ligia Buzan, Ph.D.

Virtual — Six weeks: October 20, 2014—December 5, 2014 (one week Thanksgiving break: November 24-28) | $ 250

Summary:  In this module, participants are introduced to the principles of adaptive leadership, and the use of these principles to enact organizational change.  The world is not the same as fifty or even five years ago.  Leaders now have to adjust a a lot of  internal and external challenges.  Globalization and digitization on one hand. Expectations of the followers, shareholders and the media on the other hand.

We explore tools for effective diagnosis and prescription for change within the organization. Participants learn to hone their creative and analytical skills by correctly diagnosing blind spots. We use game approaches to business cases and we learn from successes and failures in a variety of industries.  Participants will create detailed stakeholder analyses, explore the distinction of “leadership as an activity,” and be able to analyze what specific work actually needs to be accomplished to achieve organizational change while avoiding the distractions and pitfalls facing professionals exercising leadership.

  • The importance of Adaptive Leadership—what is it, why do we need it, and how can we apply it to find solutions to apparently stubborn organizational problems?
  • Understanding the responsibility and the power of the followers in the digital age
  • Learning to uncover blind spots —learning about personal triggers, the power of the narrative and the social media to connect with followers and customers– case studies for leaders, followers and the organization
  • Increasing the organization’s CIQ (Creative IQ) – how to stimulate innovation using adaptive leadership principles
  • Leading Change in an organization, a step to step guide to the practice of Adaptive Leadership
  • Up to date and relevant case studies
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