Module 2

Positive Leadership: Leadership and the Use of Self | Erik Gregory, Ph.D.

Virtual– 6 weeks: December 15, 2014 – February 6, 2015 (two-week for the winter holidays) | $ 800
Summary:   In this module participants learn individual development and self-management skills to enhance the ability to exercise leadership and to become happier at work.   They learn to become more powerful in their own leadership practice by exploring triggers that set them off, and  by becoming aware of patterns  that stop them from becoming great leaders.

Additionally, this short course will include situational leadership and attributes of effective leadership consistent with different stages of life.  Participants learn from the greatest and the brightest adaptive leaders in the world.  In a short period of time, through expert guidance and conversations with others in the group, the participants develop new tools to get grounded, and more powerful than ever.   The best thing– participants will create short and long-term personal leadership development plans.  They  learn how to use narratives to inspire and how to use mediation instead of authority to achieve leadership goals

  • Understand Self and personal leadership style
  • Playing to your Strengths: A Positive Psychology Approach
  • Inner leadership first—how to became an authentic leader
  • Strengthening the organization and developing resilient followers through the power of example
  • Providing great feedback, and learning to communicate well
  • Managing and integrating the digital into your leadership style
  • Business cases
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