Module 3

Resilient Leadership—How to Avoid Burnout and To Increase Happiness at Work | Michael Leiter, Ph.D.

Virtual– 6 weeks: February 16, 2015 – March 27, 2015 | $ 800

Summary:  Do you know how to avoid poison and burnout at work? This is becoming a huge source of discontent, and even illness these days. We are all exhausted by the expectations of producing great results in what are, many times, difficult and uncertain work environments.

In this module, world renowned expert on the psychology of work, Dr. Michael Leiter, will guide you through weekly exercises to help you get tools and strategies that move you away from an exhausted, cynical, discouraged existence to be energetic, involved, and effective. We look at approaches that encourage flexibility, understanding, and responsiveness from both parties in this relationship: individuals and organizations.

You get to work with great people and benefit from expert coaching to help you deal with one of the greatest problems we experience in our life today. The coaching you receive during the six weeks of this online module, will give you specific tools to embrace and promote more happiness at work! And of course, will improve well-being in your life!

  • The Importance of Lifelong Learning
  • Bouncing Back From Adversity
  • Promoting Optimism
  • Understanding Courage
  • Leading with Hopefulness and Helpfulness
  • Embracing and Diffusing Conflict
  • Celebrating Successes
  • Holding People Steady Through Change
  • Finding Personal Sanctuary
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