Module 4

NeuroLeadership: Using Brain Research to Tap Into Optimal Leadership

Virtual– 6 weeks: April 6, 2015 – May 15, 2015 | $ 800

Summary:  Why are some leaders better prepared and more resilient than others? How do they make their best decisions?   In this module we draw on the latest brain research to understand how the brain handles stress, the unknown, despair, and multiple streams of contradictory information in order to improve the decision making process, and well being of the person who is under stress.   We investigate the importance of culture and emotions in making business decisions, and use a game approach to learn from practical cases.  The focus of these games is to help participants tap into neuroscience framework with ease, and see the relationship between the results of their business decisions (measurable and quantifiable) and their state of mind.   Participants have access to brain research and practical tools to learn how to exceptional leaders who

  • How do leaders make decisions
  • How can leaders best regulate their emotions
  • How do leaders collaborate with others
  • Understanding the SCARF model
  • Learn about the brain’s “braking system”
  • Understand how neural networks impact motivational drive
  • Apply neuroscience research to one’s leadership practice
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