Living With Joy!



In this ONLINE workshop you learn to be the “coder” of your own life, to craft stories that make you more successful and stronger emotionally and financially. This workshop is the result of this year’s intensive research.

YES, you can live more daringly and with more delight. Would you be interested in understanding the invisible patterns that keep you from doing so?  When you sign up for our ONLINE WORKSHOP, Living With Joy, you access new possibilities, you create a better story, you are happier, and you become the HERO/HEROINE of your own destiny!

Some of us keep repeating the same “story”, over and over again, hoping for different results:  we swear we’re wiser, yet we fall in love with the wrong person anew just to have our hearts broken; we commit to eating better, yet we fall back on the same unhealthy routines; we try to carve a more creative and authentic work path, yet we go back to the “safe” choices, feeling more despondent every time.

Based on extensive work with clients, and inspired by a successful program we ran this summer, we have created a short yet incredibly powerful 5-week ONLINE workshop. Using storytelling and the science and practice of positive psychology we focus on helping you uncover and understand the patterns that keep you trapped and we support you to create new possibilities, new “stories” of joy and abundance.

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At the beginning of the course, we offer you a quick assessment to help you understand better the one pattern you may wish to explore during this workshop, so that you can re-focus your energy towards more health, love and success in your life!

Living With Joy!!

You:  stir more joy and delight, embrace love, and make opportunities visible
We:   invite you to a magical journey with great travel companions
Where: Online, comfortably, at your computer or phone
What to bring: delight, inspiration, hope, and courage!
When: 5 weeks– October 12-November 9th

The Attuning process is designed to help one untangle patterns and to remove one’s habitual blind spots and “inner traps.”  Through re-storying, or creating a new, better “story”, one can learn how to live with more zest, with joy and in a rhythm that is more germane to one’s true self.  We offer three tracks that run concomitantly.

A. Living With Joy: Love and Partnership
B. Living With Joy: Authentic Work and Money
C. Living with Joy: Finding one’s balance and rhythm during stressful life changes

This ONLINE program is personalized—we work with YOU, and support YOU to get back to a rhythm you love. It’s an online program designed to be a great combination of coaching, inspiration and community support.  The Attuning process is just that, attuning, small cognitive and behavioral shifts, a delicate approach that focuses on the proper attunement depending on each personal story. It turns out, just as in the case of many of the participants, that joy may be one or two attunements away.


  • Tools based on the latest research in psychology, neurosciences, leadership and coaching to help you unlock blind spots, and overcome inner resistance to being the best you can be
  • Supportive community and feedback to move you into action
  • Personalized coaching when you need it

DATES:   Monday October 12—Monday, November 9th, 2015


You can live with joy again.  You can learn how to shed your old “skin,” and how to dissolve the stuck places by thinking, moving and acting with awareness and creativity.  You can expect to:

  • Shift from survival mode (overwhelmed and disappointed) to energetic and powerful, in love with your life
  • Create a better “story” and pattern to manifest the “right” work/love/life style
  • Learn how to engage deeper with YOUR OWN authentic gifts by removing mental and emotional obstacles
  • Learn how to love and appreciate yourself, and how to engage deeper with LOVE and partnership
  • Create well being, abundance and daily joy
  • Learn how to grasp new opportunities

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  • Week 1: Awareness—we show you how to surface stories that do not serve you anymore. We offer you tools to access the “story beneath the story” and to use after the workshop whenever you need to overcome your pattern. We focus on the science and practice of positive and narrative psychologies to move to a healthier mindset
  • Week 2: Discovery— Using Attuning practices we have developed, you discover the underlying beliefs and practices that feed your “old story.” As you start understanding your patterns better. you learn how to release that which dissatisfies you
  • Week 3: Alchemy—You learn how to look deeper within the self for qualities of resilience and vitality, as well as to your community for support/ You can will shift the story of difficulty, and disappointment into a story of thriving
  • Week 4: Embodiment—Through personal reflection, practices with other participants, and re-storying, you learn to practice the “new” story of acceptance, courage and transformation. We build the new story using small cognitive and behavioral shifts
  • Week 5: The Practice— We offer daily practice tips, we listen to your stories, answer questions, and offer next steps ideas to help the participants thrive. If you are interested, we also partner you with other participants for support after the workshop.


  • You sign up on our easy to use online platform, whenever you can. Every Monday you get a workbook with new topics, exercises and practices.
  • We give you personalized feedback to help you work with your chosen challenge/project.  During this online workshop we also work with the entire group in the virtual space, sharing stories, sharing photos, and drawings to help you visualize and create your new story.
  • We help you detect patterns and old stories that are obstacles to your living your best life. We give you the best tools to improve your “story” and your life. You are held by a supportive community. It’s easy to participate from wherever you are online, whenever you are free.
  • We moderate and answer questions daily.  You sign in when YOU can, during the day, or at night, and connect with us and your group when YOU can. The instructors are available to support you daily if you need it and to help you understand your blind spots better. The conversations are ongoing in the online space during the workshop so that you can engage when you can, or when you have questions. You engage with supportive peers.

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Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Creative Officer | Ligia’s focus is on understanding how to attune today’s leaders to look beneath the surface of life and business challenges and to understand the magic of change. Ligia uses storytelling and gaming to provide organizations with creative engagement campaigns, and the adaptive skills they need to thrive and grow in the competitive markets of the 21st century.  She has worked with a large spectrum of clients from startups to corporations and nonprofits supporting their growth with engaging marketing and sales campaigns.  She believes that learning designed to look like real-life games helps develop essential skills such as creative problem solving, confidence, and ingenuity. She received Masters (1997) and PhD (2002) degrees from Boston University.

Erik M. Gregory, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Education Officer | Erik specializes in positive psychology, a field that examines healthy human functioning such as courage, hope, optimism, and happiness. He received degrees from Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has lectured and worked internationally in exercising adaptive leadership and leadership psychology. Dr. Gregory serves as a board member to non-profits that promote the arts, animal advocacy, and education. He is trained as a business psychologist. Most recently, Dr. Gregory built MSPP’s Leadership Psychology program leaving behind a great leadership legacy.

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  1. It’s personalized — An effective coaching program easily accessible from your computer. You get answers to your questions as if having a coach on call, only for a fraction of the price. You get support every step of the way.
  2. Top Guidance– Facilitated by leadership experts who inform their coaching with the latest research for success
  3. Helps Build Relationships– Participants network with and learn from each other, thus not only stimulating great a-ha moments, but also creating lasting relationships
  4. Unique Coaching Opportunity– Online and asynchronous (no set time to be online, do it when you have a few minutes available), allowing participants to work when their schedule permits. Trains the busy, working participant to be a powerful 21st century leader, using latest research (storytelling, neuroscience research, change theory, etc)
  5. IT WORKS– It’s affordable, effective and takes only 5 weeks to get you to enjoy life more! This program offers fantastic coaching value if you are willing and ready to live with joy.  You work with two coaches and have a supportive group as you craft more successful and enjoyable “stories” for your life.


“Thank you! The work we have done was pure magic. I have landed a deal, I feel more in tune with myself, I enjoy life, finally, am the “captain of my ship” again. Your touch is sensitive yet pragmatic and allowed me to get in touch with the rhythm of my life. Thank you. I want to tell everybody about you!!!” Christian W.

“I was at the point of leaving my husband and moving to another city.  At the end of this intense and wonderful workshop, I had a powerful epiphany about my role in my relationship, and the stories that I tell myself about my love.  It brought my husband and I together, closer than ever.  A new baby and a new home came to us almost miraculously a year later. I am thrilled to have done the “work” of reflecting on stories and on changing my ‘story.’” Linda F.

“I disliked myself intensely and sure enough, most people did, too. Or that was my story, anyway.  In this workshop I “peeled” layers and layers off my story (about myself and my life),  and learned how to soften my defenses and even embrace my criticism.  It was an incredible journey, and now I catch myself closer and closer to the “center” and it is OK not to be perfect. Prepare yourself to shed a few tears, and to open your heart.  Love matters!” Michael B.

“It took some work and energy, but these tools helped me stop obsessing over my ex. I was able to let go of my story of her to start feeling healthier emotionally. Then I met someone new, and it was all so fresh and exciting.  She is different than the typical woman I would choose, and it’s pretty amazing how happy I can be.” Marcus S.

“You create an environment that is rare, and accepting, and enlightening, and delightfully educational, and comforting, and lighthearted, and love filled, in this stressed and disconnected world of ours. Thank you!!   You recognize these human needs from a place of deep understanding. It was a privilege to share this practice with you”   Julie C.

“I had an extraordinary experience of transformation working with you! Gentle, you have helped open doors to manifesting wealth, and accelerating synchronicity such as meeting the right person just at the right time. High quality magic! Thank you!”  Mary P.

“I have been so stuck for so long and you and your workshop REALLY helped me to shake loose! I feel so good about making a move toward letting go and moving on…thank you! I AM FEARLESS AND FLEXIBLE!” Debra C.

PAY AND SIGN UP FOR “Living with Joy”!