The Magic of the Story for YOUR Brand!

How to Engage and Empower your Employees to build a brand THEY Love!


Dr. Buzan with a group of storytellers crafting best scenarios


What are the stories that your employees tell about your brand?  Do they know how to harness the power of the story (of your brand) to connect with your customers and to sell or share your brand in a powerful way?

During this workshop we demonstrate how to surface core “stories” that define and empower your brand, how to use these stories to improve customer service and to sell, and how to use feedback tools to enhance work performance and well being.  In this workshop your staff learn how to:

  • Uncover and integrate the “stories” that are essential to building your unique brand
    • A “story” includes metaphors and archetypes, is built on perceptions, and reaches deeply into emotional reasons
    • A “story” is a powerful way to convey all the great results and your customer’s excitement
    • A “story” moves and shapes perception faster than presentations that engage solely the rational side of the brain
  • Create a “map” of bright spots to learn from previous successes (stories that are part of your culture, yet are not always acknowledged) in order to energize and motivate everybody in your company
  • Use the feedback tools we offer to improve performance and learn faster
  • Share your brand (your stories) through appropriate channels to build exposure and attract clients


We use storytelling, appreciative inquiry, and archetypal games to show your employees h0w to adopt mental models that encourage building a brand that they love.  As a result of our session, your staff will:

  • Create an engaging STORY for your organization, a story that fires up minds and hearts and that sells your message
  • Develop an analytical mindset conducive to overcoming obstacles, identifying opportunities and connecting to various audiences in a way that culturally aligns with your brand
  • Communicate brand identity and value with ease and strategically, in a way that cuts through your industry’s sales clutter and stereotypes
  • Learn how to compete for more business and better clients


In a world of 24/7 connectivity, it’s more and more difficult for brands to stand out. Today, employees and decision makers deal with a variety of challenges: the world is more ambiguous, and people are not always sure how to make meaning of data in appropriate contexts; work environments are exceptionally complex and uncertain, and the inter-connectivity and information overload make it difficult to predict and plan for rapid and unexpected changes.

In this workshop, we offer your employees tools to better understand and strengthen your  brand. As your staff become more adaptive and flexible, they perform better, and become happier at work. Working with engaged employees helps you build a stronger and more relevant brand that attracts better clients.

FACILITATOR:Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Creative Officer | Ligia’s focus is on understanding how to attune today’s leaders to look beneath the surface of life and business challenges and to understand the magic of change. Ligia uses storytelling and gaming to provide organizations with the adaptive skills, and breakthrough strategies they need to thrive and grow in the competitive markets of the 21st century!


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