Monday Clinic: Attuning Work and Purpose


From March 7th to May 2nd, we host a FREE Attuning Clinic every Monday, 7pm – 8:45pm, at the Trident Book Sellers and Cafe, 338 Newbury street in Boston.
Look for our table in the back on the first floor.

We offer tools, practices and support to anyone going through transitions and challenges at work, or in their business.  This is a program based on our experience running the Attuning Circles in the summer of 2015, and on the feedback we have received from the participants. We have had tremendous success with our play-based workshop in the past year.  In our Monday Clinics we focus on the following topics:

Embracing Change

  • Powerful transitions— dealing with challenges at work, understanding one’s work/career profile, needs and expectations
  • Attuning to change and stress
  • Joyful relationships
  • Radical acceptance

Creating Meaning

  • Finding one’s voice, meaningful work, and shifting from stuck to a healthy and vital Self
  • Money versus Vocation
  • Shedding old mindsets, embracing new ones
  • Being appreciated and supported by one’s family and community

Our map for each session includes the following:

  • Awareness— how do we surface stories that do not serve us anymore? What are some of the tools we can use to access the “story beneath the story”? We focus on the science and practice of positive and narrative psychologies to move to a healthier mindset and to a stronger community for everybody.
  • Discovery—what are the hidden beliefs and practices that support the old story? As we understand our patterns, we look at better ways to engage with our “story.”
  • Alchemy—we learn how to look deeper within the Self for qualities such as resilience and vitality. We learn how to pivot from difficulty to thriving.
  • Embodiment—through personal reflection, dyad practices, and re-storying, we learn to practice the “new” story of acceptance, courage and transformation. We build the new story using small cognitive and behavioral shifts.
  • The Practice— we offer daily practice tips, and coach individuals who ask for our help.

WRITE TO US  if you want to learn more about the Attuning Clinics.

This free sessions is our GIFT for March and April.

Every month we do something to celebrate the sweetness of life.  In February, our gift was 50% off all individual coaching sessions (in person and on Skype)  Love Your Life!


Because we love to see that our clients succeed, that they find meaning and juicy possibilities. We know that by helping even one person be happier we unleash a whole lot of goodness into the world.  In celebration of Love, we invite you to care for yourself first, so that you can offer your extraordinary gifts to your loved ones, to your friends and to your co-workers!