My Life: A Crime Scene!

How good are you at solving problems? Do you have what it takes to be a true detective? Can you look at a bunch of data, figure out what the story is, who the “perp” is, and how to close the case?

Would you be as good if the investigation were… about your life?  See the Agenda for the workshop

If so, welcome to “My Life: A Crime Scene—Reading the Clues!” a day-long coaching PROGRAM built on storytelling, games, improvisation, neurolinguistics, and positive psychology to help you remove everything that robs you of courage, strength, health, connection and success. After this WORKSHOP you may never see your life the same way!

As methodology, Attuning is all about making small corrections to your navigation, seeing where the clues point and learning to make subtle, and consistent improvements that do not stir huge resistance. And relax at every step, instead of fighting change!


Many times, one is stuck in old patterns and paralyzed by overthinking. Games have fun elements built-in and create positive emotional states even as they simulate difficult situations with many obstacles to overcome.  This coaching program, drawing on years of research, has been designed as a reality-game to make learning a little more engaging. Participants work together to solve puzzles, to support each other, and they collaborate as a community to analyze their story, and to create a better life for each participant in the group.

As a “detective,” you are not alone during the investigation. You are assigned a partner, and the entire group works with you and supports you with real-time feedback, listening and inspiration. You learn how to embody a better YOU with a more delicious life; you hone your observation and deduction skills as they apply to you and to those around you in love or at work; you learn cognitive feedback practices and you use coaching tools that help you improve your life tremendously.

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After this workshop, you will never look at life in the same way!! You learn a bunch of tips and successful coaching and leadership practices that make you more powerful, more centered, and help you grasp the joy, satisfaction and abundance that come with the right career path, a happy relationship, and healthy abundance.


Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Creative Officer | Ligia’s focus is on understanding how to attune today’s leaders to look beneath the surface of life and business challenges and to understand the magic of change. Ligia uses storytelling and gaming to provide organizations with creative engagement campaigns, and the adaptive skills they need to thrive and grow in the competitive markets of the 21st century.  She has worked with a large spectrum of clients from startups to corporations and nonprofits supporting their growth with engaging marketing and sales campaigns.  She believes that learning designed to look like real-life games helps develop essential skills such as creative problem solving, ingenuity, collaboration and courage. She received Masters (1997) and PhD (2002) degrees from Boston University. More information:

Erik M. Gregory, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Education Officer | Erik specializes in positive psychology, a field that examines healthy human functioning such as courage, hope, optimism, and happiness. His mission is to support individuals as well as leaders to adjust to the 21st century rapid social, organizational, and political climate.  His work is based on empirical evidence and practical experience.  Dr. Gregory has lectured and worked internationally in exercising adaptive leadership and leadership psychology.  Dr. Gregory is the Psychotherapist in residence at the Humanist Hub in Harvard Square.  Dr. Gregory serves as a board member to non-profits that promote the arts, animal advocacy, and education. He received degrees from Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He is working on a book about 21st century humanistic psychology. More information:

“EXPERT WITNESSES” invited to our investigation:

JoJo Salami:  “Reading the signs of your body: tips for body health and regeneration!”

In a long and brilliant career, Jojo has done extraordinary work with athletes, dancers, actors and people from all over the spectrum in the entire world who need recovery from accidents, chronic pain, repetitive and emotional stress. JoJo’s abilities to read the body and restore health make him a high level health magician. Many a client was able to walk off the table, re-energized with full capacities where they crawled in in pain and debilitated by lack of hope. When he is not in Hawaii, Italy, or California, JoJo works in his private practices in Brookline.

Laura Hartung: “Reading the signs of stress: how to nourish yourself for strength and inner power!”

Laura is invited on a variety of TV and talk shows to speak about wellness, nutrition and fitness. People are energized by her love of life, her incredible knowledge of super foods, and her creativity as a health chef. Laura has been a registered dietitian for over 22 years and is passionate about discussing the connection between food and emotions, and spreading the good word of health throughout the world!  Laura has a private practice in Natick.


“Thank you!!!!! The work we have done was pure magic. I have landed a deal, I feel more in tune with myself, I enjoy life, finally, am the “captain of my ship” again. Your touch is sensitive yet pragmatic and allowed me to get in touch with the rhythm of my life. Thank you. I want to tell everybody about you!!!” Christian W.

“You create an environment that is rare, and accepting, and enlightening, and delightfully educational, and comforting, and lighthearted, and love filled, in this stressed and disconnected world of ours. Thank you!!   You recognize these human needs from a place of deep understanding. It was a privilege to share this practice with you”   Julie C.

“I disliked myself intensely and sure enough, most people did, too. Or that was my story, anyway.  In this workshop I “peeled” layers and layers off my story (about myself and my life),  and learned how to soften my defenses and even embrace my criticism.  It was an incredible journey, and now I catch myself closer and closer to the “center” and it is OK not to be perfect. Prepare yourself to shed a few tears, and to open your heart.  Love matters!” Michael B.

“It took some work and energy, but these tools helped me stop obsessing over my ex. I was able to let go of my story of her to start feeling healthier emotionally. Then I met someone new, and it was all so fresh and exciting.  She is different than the typical woman I would choose, and it’s pretty amazing how happy I can be.” Marcus S.

“I had an extraordinary experience of transformation working with you! Gentle, you have helped open doors to manifesting wealth, and accelerating synchronicity such as meeting the right person just at the right time. High quality magic! Thank you!”  Mary P.

“I was at the point of leaving my husband and moving to another city.  At the end of this intense and wonderful workshop, I had a powerful epiphany about my role in my relationship, and the stories that I tell myself about my love.  It brought my husband and I together, closer than ever.  A new baby and a new home came to us almost miraculously a year later. I am thrilled to have done the “work” of reflecting on stories and on changing my ‘story.’” Linda F.

“I have been so stuck for so long and you and your workshop REALLY helped me to shake loose! I feel so good about making a move toward letting go and moving on…thank you! I AM FEARLESS AND FLEXIBLE!” Debra C.



Questions?  ligia at attuning dot org