“One Question!”


ONE QUESTION is an intensive, 20 minutes, powerful session during which you can get perspective and clarity on any ONE particular issue you are grappling with at the moment. With renewed clarity, in a short amount of time, you can focus your energy on being productive and energized during the day.

If you are interested in starting coaching and see if it works for you, give this powerful and energizing mini-coaching session a try.  We do 20 minutes on Skype, the online platform Slack, or by phone. It can be a great opportunity to look at your issue in a different way, and get unstuck. Clients book a mini session before a big meeting, to get closure on something that happened at work that day, when they have a difficult decision to make, or when they plan for a difficult conversation, etc.

These 20 minutes, mini-coaching sessions can be efficient tools when you want to resolve a particular issue and you need perspective  quickly.  You may need one or two sessions, or you may decide that you prefer a different coaching engagement.  Clients find these mini-sessions extremely powerful and efficient in solving problems.

ligia at attuning dot org