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Dr. Buzan and Dr. Gregory working with the participants of a Change Your Story workshop


6 weeks

We coach people in SELF LEADERSHIP to help them recognize their own immense power. Our mission is to support change whether individual, organizational, or social by promoting the leader within.

This ONLINE program is focused heavily on HANDS-ON LEARNING, on coaching, and on the practical applications of the latest research in leadership, neuroscience, and the psychology of business. We offer YOU the best educational methodologies to stimulate analytical and creative abilities for your success at work and life.

Did you notice how crazy hard it is to even imagine yourself in a better situation—whatever the difficulty you are experiencing may be? At work, at home, getting in shape, finding love, starting a business—the present dynamic seems as if it has been going forever, and it still will.

Launch one dream NOW, start a new project, change one thing to enjoy your life right NOW. This 6 weeks ONLINE program is personalized—we work with YOU, and support YOU to get back to a rhythm you love. We offer:

    • Tools based on the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, leadership and coaching to help you overcome inner resistance to being the best you can be
    • Supportive community and feedback to move you into action
    • Personalized coaching when you need it

Week by Week

Week 1: THE JOURNEY OF SELF-LEADERSHIP begins. “What do I want to enjoy in MY life?  How can I understand my patterns? Am I a prisoner of my old story? What can I do right NOW?”

Week 2: EXPLORE AND DECONSTRUCT MENTAL MODELS that are not supporting YOUR present purpose. Get to the bottom of what keeps you stuck.  We’re sharing in small groups. You receive readings, new ideas, practices. and new tools to support your growth. Each person applies the new tools to their individual challenge. We are forming small groups of support to make you feel heard, and supported. We share stories and we connect with the change we want to embody.  We learn an appropriate ritual to usher in your success.

Week 3: BRING ON THE PRACTICE! Learn how to navigate new territory. Create a plan and learn how to open new doors.  Create the elements of your new story consciously and from the heart. Start the process with strong support from your instructors and from your group. We explore the best ways for you to be successful in business, in your work, and in your personal life. We encourage you to practice daily,  and while you do so, you get personalized feedback and support.  Remember what the great mythologist Joseph Campbell said: “Where you stumble, there your treasure is!”

Week 4: OPEN THE MIND & HEART!  As we bring the “new story” into the world, we help you to attune to changes and to stay on track. We practice open-hearted communication to let the world know that you are committed to your success.  We are focused on getting you the right tools so that you can adjust your perspective as the world itself re-adjusts to the beautiful gifts you bring into it.

Week 5: BURST OPEN! As you reconnect with your heart’s desire, there will be re-actions.  Are you embraced, loved by your family, friends and co-workers? Or the opposite? We re-calibrate, discuss the changes occurring in you, and possibilities to act in support of your purpose.  As you get closer to your purpose and explore your “new story”, and your desires deeper you will have the greatest support. We work in small groups. We share stories and strengthen the support you need. You bring all your questions and concerns to the online coaching group and we discuss them all.

Week 6: MAKING CHOICES AND STICKING TO THEM.  You are ready, and prepared to step into your new story of success. We give you tools and a practice for the next 30 days after the course ends. You make new friends who support you in your purpose and journey. YOUR TIME IS NOW!

And remember that YOU can create MAGIC! You are strong and powerful and deserve to have joy in your life! When we change the “story” to create new patterns of thought and action, the Universe takes notice. Coincidences and synchronicity abounds and doors open!


This online coaching program is six weeks long and allows plenty of time for you to start developing new successful strategies to change your old stories (of career, money, self worth, love, etc)   This program is NOT live online, which means that you can learn, connect with peers, and ask question in your own time, when it is convenient to YOU.

Every Monday we post new topics, and every couple of days we give you personalized feedback to help you work with your chosen challenge/project.   We moderate and answer questions daily.  When you come to “class” or better said, to the online board, you receive a plan, and a few readings. We post new short materials every week.  The coaching, and the conversations take place online.

You sign in when YOU can, during the day, or at night, and connect with us and your group in YOUR time. The instructors are available to support you daily if you need it and to help you understand your story better. The conversations are ongoing in the online space that we have available, so that you can engage when you can, or when you have questions, from your computer or phone.  You engage with supportive peers, you practice leadership in action, and have your questions answered when YOU need answers, never later than 24 hours.


Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Creative Officer | Ligia’s focus is on understanding how to attune today’s leaders to look beneath the surface of life and business challenges and to understand the magic of change. Ligia uses storytelling and gaming to provide organizations with creative engagement campaigns,  and the adaptive skills they need to thrive and grow in the competitive markets of the 21st century.  She has worked with a large spectrum of clients from start ups to corporations and non profits supporting their growth with engaging marketing and sales campaigns.  She loves to play!

Erik M. Gregory, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Education Officer | Erik specializes in positive psychology, a field that examines healthy human functioning such as courage, hope, optimism, and happiness. He received degrees from Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has lectured and worked internationally in exercising adaptive leadership and leadership psychology. Dr. Gregory serves as a board member to non-profits that promote the arts, animal advocacy, and education. He is trained as a business psychologist. Most recently, Dr. Gregory built MSPP’s Leadership Psychology program leaving behind a great leadership legacy.


  1. Coach-on-Call — An effective coaching program easily accessible from one’s computer or phone. You get answers to your questions as if having a coach on call, only for a fraction of the price
  2. Top Faculty– Facilitated by leadership experts who inform their coaching with the latest research for success
  3. Helps Build Relationships– Participants network with and learn from each other, thus not only stimulating more innovative thinking, but also creating lasting relationships
  4.  Unique Coaching Opportunity– Online and asynchronous (no set time to be online, do it when you have a few minutes available), allowing participants to work when their schedule permits. Trains the busy, working participant to be a powerful 21st century leader, using latest research (storytelling, neuroscience research, change theory, etc)
  5. It’s personalized –Coaches support the participants every step of the way helping them develop their dreams, personal goals, and leadership practice
  6. IT WORKS– It’s affordable, effective and takes only 6 weeks to get you to enjoy life more!This program offers fantastic coaching value if you are willing and ready to improve your performance.  You work with two coaches and have a supportive group as you craft more successful and enjoyable “stories” for your life.

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