THE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS PROGRAM. If you have suggestions for programs you would like us to create, please email us at

This 5-week long online workshop is $ 250 for the general public.  OR it is $ 50 if you sign up as part of the Attuning Creative Projects Team.

What does it mean to be a member?

The Attuning Creative Projects Team has  a number of creative projects in development, the next one being a book of attuning practices with a companion workbook. As a member of our Creative Projects Team you:

    • Receive perks such as taking each of the courses we offer in 2015 at the low price of $50 (yes, even the $850 courses)
    • Have the option of getting our new book when ready at 50% of the selling price
    • Offer a friend who takes the course with you the same low price of $50
    • Get quoted in our projects if you choose so
    • Be featured in some of the stories if you choose to do so
    • Participate in online quizzes if you choose to do so

If you are interested in being a member of our Creative Team, please send us an email: