The Art of Letting Go!


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The Art of Letting Go!  And The Ritual of Planting Seeds of Happiness!


During this 3 hour long workshop we enact one particular RITUAL: we  acknowledge, let go and release the OLD to make room for true heart’s desire. Coaching many clients, we have noticed that nothing new ever develops until we have dealt with the old.  In this workshop we use storytelling, psychodrama, drawing, improvisation, dream interpretations and mind mapping to enact specific release rituals that open the mind and the heart, that strengthen the bonds with family, community and our own spirit.


Yes! It can help you too, as it helped many others. Have you noticed that each of the major events in our lives calls for a ritual that has storytelling at the core?  We get married, and special friends are chosen to tell stories about the bride and groom; at a funeral we honor the ones who passed with stories of remembrance; at bat and bar mitzvah we tell stories about possibilities, protection of the young and love.

Yet there are so many difficulties and transitions in our modern, hectic and complex lives, situations through which we go alone, without a tribe or a community to hold us tightly, without creating sacred space where we acknowledge and release that which is old and that which does not serve us anymore; without a ritual to call onto new, fresh possibilities, alone, without being seen or heard, trying to put on a brave face, hiding what is not working, and trying to move on. With many competing stories in our lives, we can get stuck.

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Coaching clients and listening to stories during our Attuning Circles we heard a lot of the same:

“Is this all I can expect from here on? Life is a bit dull and I just don’t know what to do to get back my mojo. I wish I could find a partner..” Mary, 49

“My husband and I love each other a lot, and want to make it work—we just don’t know how to share our lives anymore. It’s all about his life and the kids’ life, and then maybe my life.” Miriam, 42

“I have been looking for a job for a year and a half, with no luck. I have skills, I have done great work, I have a shiny new resume, yet I can’t even get an interview…and I am getting married. How will I support my family?”  Jeremy, 32

“I am not appreciated at work. My boss hates me, and I hate him. I can barely contain my anger in his presence. I am losing my mind.. It’s not that easy to get a new job…“ Laura, 50

‘I have been going through so many transitions lately, in my job, in my relationships, my health even… I can’t find a place in my life where I feel at ease, and grounded. I just don’t know how to deal with my fears…they come up stronger and stronger…” Sam, 54

Transitions, loss, coming together, moving apart, all these important moments need and deserve a ritual to close old chapters and to open new ones.  But is this true, that ritual helps? Research published by the Scientific American seems to confirm that rituals are indeed helping people get better.  Strong, positive personal leadership also requires certain rituals to support it.

It has been our experience that ritual helps people grow.  It moves people to come together, to feel supported and inspired to start anew. With storytelling and coaching we have witnessed, embraced and helped acknowledge a variety of similar human experiences and emotions as people go through transitions. There is nothing as precious as the smile and the look on the face of the people who find their own experiences mirrored closely by other people’s experiences.


You will come out of this workshop lighter, stronger, more creatively energized and ready to birth your heart’s desire. The week before the workshop, on May 1st we offer you a meditation, and a specific preparation ritual to get you ready for the workshop. Please bring any sort of images, photos, or stories representing that which you want to release.

We’ve coached many clients on how to create a sacred space of reflection where they could regenerate their vital energy. We helped them with specific rituals to release the old, and to connect with new possibilities– be they romance, love, inner peace, new work, health, or abundance.


For each of the people who did the work, magic happened. We listened carefully to each of the stories we heard, and together we continued to dig deeper and deeper until we peeled off and released layers upon layers of fears, mis-perceptions, and paralysis. We kept removing layers until new fresh stories of possibilities started to emerge. As people embodied these new stories courageously, they attuned to the changes and possibilities opening in their lives and hearts.

These clients have improved their business performance, they became lighter and healthier and more joyful; more creative; they became stronger examples for their kids; they enjoyed romancing their spouses and started loving themselves more.  And they continue to this day to deepen their leadership rituals and to honor the sacred space that they have created for themselves. Life is richer now, and they see that they have more control over their feelings and over their actions. Their Hero’s Journey just got better!

FACILITATOR: Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. | ATTUNING co-founder and Chief Creative Officer | Ligia’s focus is on understanding how to attune today’s leaders to look beneath the surface of life and business challenges and to understand the magic of change. Ligia uses storytelling and gaming to provide organizations with creative engagement campaigns, and the adaptive skills they need to thrive and grow in the competitive markets of the 21st century.  She has worked with a large spectrum of clients from startups to corporations and nonprofits supporting their growth with engaging marketing and sales campaigns.  She believes that learning designed to look like real-life games helps develop essential skills such as creative problem solving, ingenuity, collaboration and courage. She received Masters (1997) and PhD (2002) degrees from Boston University.


We wish you joy!

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