Who We Are

Erik M. Gregory, Ph.D. specializes in positive psychology, a field that examines healthy human functioning such as courage, hope, optimism, and happiness. He received degrees from Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has lectured and worked internationally in exercising adaptive leadership and leadership psychology. Dr. Gregory serves as a board member to non-profits that promote the arts, animal advocacy, and education. He is trained as a business psychologist. Most recently, Dr. Gregory built MSPP’s Leadership Psychology program leaving behind a great leadership legacy.

Ligia Buzan, Ph.D. focuses on developing strategies that support organizations to find their best business model and to grow, to envision and realize goals, and to create an authentic leadership culture. She has worked with a large spectrum of companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology space. Dr. Buzan creates business games, uses storytelling and archetypes, as well as adaptive leadership coaching to provide organizations and groups with the adaptive skills, research insight, and breakthrough strategies they need to thrive and grow in the competitive markets of the 21st century. In her workshops, Dr. Buzan uses methodologies that support cross disciplinary brainstorming to help the participants develop innovative strategies to sell, deal with organizational changes and grow.  She believes that learning designed to look like real-life games helps develop essential skills such as creative problem solving, confidence, and ingenuity. She received Masters (1997) and PhD (2002) degrees from Boston University.

Ava Lindberg, MA: Specializing in innovative, authentic ethnographic and qualitative methodologies, Lindberg is a cultural anthropologist who applies the principles of academic anthropology and depth archetypal psychology to contemporary market research to discover, explore, and develop penetrating insights for breakthrough initiatives. Lindberg combines her acclaimed program of authentic ethnography with creative focus groups, online-mobile research, ideation focusing on innovation, archetypal need states, and deep insight generation. She is a speaker, trainer, and workshop leader in archetypal and ethnographic observation processes for U.S., Canada, and international conferences.

Michael Leitner, Ph.D  is a world renowned expert on the psychology of work. His ground-breaking research on job burnout and work engagement has produced widely acclaimed books. In a concerted commitment to improving worklife quality, he consults with organizations and researchers around the world. He is highly sought as a keynote speaker for diverse audiences, including public sector executives, health care providers, and human resource professionals. He is a Professor of Psychology at Acadia University in Canada and holds the Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health and Wellness.

Ed Faruolo is the founder of Vitalincs and had consulted for a large spectrum of companies, from Fortune 100 companies to start ups. He is part of the Association of National Advertisers faculty where he conducts various workshops for major corporations and global organizations. Mr. Faruolo served as Chief Marketing Officer for CIGNA Corporation and held senior marketing positions at Travelers, Lincoln Financial and several NYC based ad agencies. He has a passion for aligning operational practices with a company’s brand and leadership position in order to help secure sustainable revenue growth.

Ivor Twydell is a leadership coach, workshop facilitator, mindfulness teacher and speaker who specializes in conscious leadership. Ivor believes that in order to meet the emerging challenges of the 21st century there needs to be an urgent step change in how leaders think and lead. He therefore works with his clients to facilitate greater self-awareness and a change in mindset and beliefs so they can lead from their heart and intuition as well as head. With a background of over 20 years in senior and executive roles in the UK police service Ivor has extensive experience of developing leaders, managing organizational change and leading people in often challenging environments. Merging a comprehensive coaching repertoire with a person-centered and pragmatic approach to leadership he now works with a diverse international client base. He is a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation.